Monica Bota Moisin

„I create legal infrastructure at the intersection of law, fashion and traditional knowledge for sustainable collaborations between artisans and designers.”


“Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will.”
                                    Edith Head - Courtesy of Bendigo Art Gallery 
                                             Edith Head – Winner of Eight Oscar Awards for costume design
I speak both the language of fashion and design and the language of law. I think that is important. Because access to legal advice should not be prohibitive for artisans, designers and fashion businesses.
I help creatives understand and deal with the legal challenges of the fashion industry, with a particular focus on textiles and clothing, jewelry and traditional craftsmanship. 
I spend quality time with my clients to understand their mission, their mindset, brand philosophy and business goals
The legal work I produce is not simply compliant to the law but tailored to my clients’ personality and brand identity. 
What is Fashion Law?
Fashion law deals with a large spectrum of matters which include intellectual property: trademarks and branding, copyright, registered and unregistered designs; commercial agreements, licensing, rules and regulations for production and sale of textiles, merchandising, advertising and international trade. 
How can I help you?
From conception of designs, production, supply chain, distribution, sales or marketing strategies, the fashion industry is a prodigious source of legal challenges. Here are just a few of the issues that I can help you deal with:
• Trademarks and Branding: registration and protection
• Design registration and protection
• Copyright registration and protection
• Registration of textile patents
• Protection of trade secrets and new business models
• Compliance with the European Union textile and clothing related legislation 
• Compliance with the European Union consumer protection legislation for online and offline shopping
• Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
• Negotiating and drafting agency agreements, manufacturing contracts, services agreements, works-for-hire agreements
• Negotiating and drafting licensing, merchandising, distribution and franchising agreements
I also organize workshops and legal trainings on intellectual property law matters:
Here are some examples:
What is my trademark worth?
Complying with the EU textiles and clothing legislation
Protecting the unprotectable: concepts & ideas
Terms and Conditions: why are they so important?
For queries and collaborations write to me at: [email protected]