Monica Bota Moisin

„I create legal infrastructure at the intersection of law, fashion and traditional knowledge for sustainable collaborations between artisans and designers.”


Cultural Fashion: Transforming the Fashion Industry from Villain to Hero is a call to action for fashion industry players to engage in culturally sustainable projects and become partners in ensuring the survival of traditional craftsmanship and traditional cultural expressions. 

I invite you to debate subjects like:
  •  What is the "Code of conduct"for avoiding cultural misappropriation?
  •  Where is the limit between inspiration from traditional designs and misappropriation?
  •  What steps to follow for organizing traditional creative communities?
  •  How to create sustanable fashion as a designer or fashion company? How far can you go on the supply chain?
  •  What are the rules for sustainable collaborations between the fashion industry and artisans or traditional creative communities? The DO'S and DONT's 
  • What are the laws of sustainable fashion?
  • Why should we recognize cultural intellectual property rights? And who gets the royalties for such rights?

These are topics of interest for the fashion business and consumers alike.

Let's ask uncomfortable questions, challenge the answers and find viable solutions for changing the paradigm in the fashion industry from competition to collaboration.

For podcasts, panel discussions, conferences and workshops, contact me at: [email protected]