Monica Bota Moisin

„I create legal infrastructure at the intersection of law, fashion and traditional knowledge for sustainable collaborations between artisans and designers.”


“Fashion is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will.”
                                    Edith Head - Courtesy of Bendigo Art Gallery 
                                             Edith Head – Winner of Eight Oscar Awards for costume design
I speak both the language of fashion and design and the language of law. I think that is important. Because access to legal advice should not be prohibitive for artisans, designers and fashion businesses.
I help creatives understand and deal with the legal challenges of the fashion industry, with a particular focus on textiles and clothing, jewelry and traditional craftsmanship. 
I spend quality time with my clients to understand their mission, their mindset, brand philosophy and business goals
The legal work I produce is not simply compliant to the law but tailored to my clients’ personality and brand identity. 
What is Fashion Law?
Fashion law deals with a large spectrum of matters which include intellectual property: trademarks and branding, copyright, registered and unregistered designs; commercial agreements, licensing, rules and regulations for production and sale of textiles, merchandising, advertising and international trade. 
What is cultural intellectual property?
Cultural intellectual property law is designed to protect the intellectual work of artisans, craftsmen and craftswomen and to offer a form of compensation for their contribution to the survival of cultural heritage by transmitting traditional techniques and traditional cultural expressions from generation to generation. 
I formulated the theory of cultural intellectual property rights as a response to the exploitative behavior of fashion industry players who made almost identical copies of traditional designs of different nationalities, communities or tribes and commercialized them under their own label, without giving credit or economic compensation to the source community.
I mediate collaborations between artisans and the fashion industry and I design legal agreements that recognize both intellectual property rights and cultural intellectual property rights.
How can I help you?
From conception of designs, production, supply chain, distribution, sales or marketing strategies, the fashion industry is a prodigious source of legal challenges. Here are just a few of the issues that I can help you deal with:
• Trademarks and Branding: registration and protection
• Design registration and protection
• Copyright registration and protection
• Registration of textile patents
• Protection of trade secrets and new business models
• Compliance with the European Union textile and clothing related legislation 
• Compliance with the European Union consumer protection legislation for online and offline shopping
• Drafting of Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
• Negotiating and drafting agency agreements, manufacturing contracts, services agreements, works-for-hire agreements
• Negotiating and drafting licensing, merchandising, distribution and franchising agreements
I also organize workshops and legal trainings on intellectual property law matters:
Here are some examples:
What is my trademark worth?
Complying with the EU textiles and clothing legislation
Protecting the unprotectable: concepts & ideas
Terms and Conditions: why are they so important?
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